Morning-after pill

  • The "morning-after pill" can be used to prevent pregnancy up to 5 days after sexual intercourse.
  • The "morning-after pill" delays ovulation. If ovulation has already occurred, the "morning-after pill" is not effective.
  • The "morning-after pill" is available in pharmacies, from doctors or also in hospitals and can be given to the woman concerned after a personal consultation.

No matter if it is inattentiveness, failure to take the pill or any other reason: If something goes wrong with contraception, the “morning-after pill” offers the possibility of preventing pregnancy. Stop by the pharmacy as soon as possible if you are unsure. In a confidential and discreet conversation with the pharmacist, you will be informed about the "morning-after pill" and a questionnaire will be used to find out whether the "morning-after pill" is really necessary.

A consultation is required for purchasing the "morning-after pill".

The sooner you come around, the safer the "morning-after pill" will be. Do not wait longer than 5 days!

Your time commitment: 15 minutes
Cost of consultation: CHF 20.00 (without "morning-after pill")
"Morning-after pill":
Levonorgestrel Sandoz CHF 58.40 (incl. consultation)
EllaOne CHF 63.90 (incl. consultation)

For the "morning-after pill", you can come by anytime. If you want to, you can also contact us by using our booking tool, via email ( or telephone:

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