Morning-After Pill

Sometimes the morning-after pill (in German: Pille danach) is needed. You can obtain this pill at our pharmacy. The process is quite simple: Come to our pharmacy and request the morning-after pill or a private consultation. A pharmacist will go through a questionnaire with you, in order to get the needed information to give you appropriate advice. You are of course welcome to ask questions at any time. After we have the necessary information, our pharmacists will advise you on the best solution for your situation.

The use of the morning-after pill is not an abortion, but helps prevent pregnancies directly after unprotected intercourse (up to 120 hours).

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Morning-After Pill

Emergency contraceptive pills

The consultation takes about 15 minutes

Price: Depending on the morning-after pill
NorLevo Uno CHF 41.50 (incl. consultation)
ellaOne CHF 61.00 (incl. consultation)

For the morning-after pill you can just come to our pharmacy (even on sunday). If you want to you can also make an appointment by e-mail (, phone or online booking:

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