Information about our pharmacy

Our pharmacy is located in downtown Thalwil. The Central Apotheke Thalwil pharmacy is a traditional swiss pharmacy offering conventional and complementary drugs and products. All common and standard drugs we carry are normally  in stock. Should anything be out of stock, we are able to order it for you within one business day.

We also gladly fill prescriptions. Please contact us prior to your visit if you want to make sure that we have your required products in stock.

Central-Apotheke Thalwil AG
Gotthardstrasse 16A
8800 Thalwil

Phone.: 044 720 06 92
Fax: 044 720 08 04

A pharmacist and a pharmacy assistant check a prescription in the Central Apotheke Thalwil
Apothekerin berät Kundin mit Medikamenten und Kosmetika in der Central Apotheke Thalwil
Eine Kundin wird mit Sonnencremen von La Roche-Posay und Eucerin in der Central Apotheke Thalwil beraten.
Eingangsbereich mit Produkten und Pharmaasisstentin der Central Apotheke in Thalwil
Die Central Apotheke in Thalwil von aussen inkl. Parkplätze
Apothekerin stellt Naturheilmittel in der Central Apotheke Thalwil her
Pharmaassistentin ordnet Medikamente in der Central Apotheke Thalwil
Regal mit Schüsslersalzen von Omida in der Central Apotheke Thalwil



+41 (0)44 720 06 92


+41 (0)44 720 08 04


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